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Look! It finally happened! So sorry it took so long. As always, if you find anything wrong, tell me in the comments so I can fix it.

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OK, another new one! Same drill: anything wrong, please comment!

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OK, so it's only taken 1-1/2 years to put up episode 2! As usual, please feel free to point out any errors!

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DW Finale

Nov. 8th, 2014 05:38 pm
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Please tell me I'm not a girl for crying at the end.

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Yep, I still have a number of Who books for sale. I have updated my list to make sure everything is listed and the sold books have been deleted.

Target Novelizations
Virgin New Adventures
Virgin Missing Adventures
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
BBC New Series Adventures
Torchwood (a few left)
Miscellaneous paperbacks (includes short trips & decalogs)
Misc. Non-Fiction
Big Finish audios

Some books have prices but I am willing to negotiate. If a book is not priced, I can check the going rates.

Please PM me with your email if you are interested.
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OK, mainly just jottings as I watched so here we go.

Here There be Spoilers )


Dec. 13th, 2013 02:36 pm
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Working on my transcript for Day of the Doctor (yes, still) while watching Terror of the Zygons!
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I went out yesterday and met up with a friend for lunch. We hadn't seen each other in close to a year at least. So after we got the less interesting topics out of the way, we moved on to music, movies and TV. Now, in the course of time we hadn't seen each other, she had gotten into DW. She has a "My other car is a TARDIS" bumper sticker.

She had always groaned and rolled her eyes when we went to movies because I always pointed out who had been in the show. She told me as we strolled around to work off the initial "stuffed" feeling that she wanted a copy of David Tennant's Hamlet. Not to deny her this goodness, we went to Barnes and Noble but they didn't have a copy on hand. (I actually walked out of there without buying anything!) So we decided to go across the street to the FYE in the mall. They didn't have it on hand either.

What they did have were some DW t-shirts that just happened to be BOGO. I picked up one that says "Regenerate and Carry On" and the VanGogh TARDIS. I couldn't help myself! If you have an FYE near you, they might have the special going on as well.
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Oh I am still a little teary and my nose is stuffy. I think it was those last 15 minutes or so starting with Rory and Amy on the roof. When you think of how things started between them this shows a depth and breadth of love that is amazing. I don't know if I even want to watch the BBC America broadcast in an hour. I guess it depends on how recovered I am.

DW Vid

Apr. 30th, 2012 10:15 am
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This vid has probably been posted around to the DW comms and you might have already seen it there. I'm putting it here on my journal for those who don't belong to the comms because they might be casual fans, but the editing here is fabulous. It shows that he is the same being. (Plus U2!)

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I came home from work to see my package from Barnes and Noble which meant the Complete Specials had arrived. I opened it, smiling, only to find it was on Blu-Ray. Now, I don't have a Blu-Ray player so it's completely useless. I think I might run up to the store after work tomorrow to see if they have the regular DVD there or if they can reimburse me without having to mail it off and wait probably another week to get them. ANd I was so looking forward to watching them again this weekend (possibly during the Super Bowl)
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Just, and I mean just, finished watching End of Time and I am so glad I had the tissues nearby. I'm sad to see David go but he did have a marvelous send-off. Really can't be too coherent right now.

I think as far as regens go, this is up there with Caves.

Damn, now I'm all stuffy-nosed and red-eyed!

ETA: Why the hell did I decide to watch the Confidential????
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This struck me as I was driving to work today. When I was younger, my first forays into Fan fic were to insert one of my own characters into an existing episode. I've had fleeting ideas regarding my original character Alan Kelly (whose stories can be found on my fic journal) and The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords. I've already had him meet the Doctor a number of times (look here) so there are some points that might not make sense unless you've read that series. But if you think this sounds interesting enough for me to continue or attempt to flesh out, please tell me.

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Another installment. I really hope you don't mind me doing this. I have more notes over at my journal. Concrit welcome.
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I just would like some people to take a look at this and give me some pointers and criticism and help me out. I have all the details at my fic journal. I'll just say that it takes place between Family of Blood and Utopia and it's part of an ongoing series where an original character (also a time traveler) meets all the Doctor's incarnations.

No fancy cuts


Sep. 7th, 2008 03:47 pm
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I was just listening to the DW Podcast (ep 87) and they announced the winners for a drawing of DW comics. I was one of them! I get a copy of the first issue of Forgotten! Here's what the publishers say:

Stranded in a strange Museum that’s dedicated to him—and with no TARDIS in sight, The Doctor and Martha must make sense of their surroundings, hindered by one small fact—The Doctor has lost his memories of every one of his previous incarnations! With items relevant to each Doctor in their possession, The Doctor must try to use them to regain his memories before it’s too late, starting with his earliest incarnation’s memories, involving Susan, Barbara and Ian. This all-new series written by Tony Lee (Starship Troopers) features artist Pia Guerra in her first monthly comic since Y The Last Man!
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When you see this line on your flist, post a quote from Doctor Who.

One can never be absolutely sure about anything in the world of appearances. There is more to things than the law of cause and effect. There is the 'unpredictable'.
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Some of you may already know that I have been, in my sister's words, "corrupting" my niece and nephew by introducing them to Doctor Who. Now, my sister, [ profile] coquillagement used to watch with me a bit in the 80s (mostly T. Baker and Davison)when it was on PBS so she had some knowledge of the show I had shown them some classic eps but things really took off with the new series. She moaned when I sent my niece series 1 & 2 on tape. I recently sent a package containing series 3 and a few other goodies and I think she caught bits of it watching with her children.

Anyway, I was talking to her last night and she confessed to me that she watched the DW marathon on the SciFi Channel yesterday on and off without any outside coercion. To take it one step further, she watched "Christmas Invasion" online. I was amazed.

I'm sure she'll comment on this and you'll get to hear her side of it. :)


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