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My PC is near ready to give up the ghost as its memory is barely there. I was just going to head to staples and have them clean it out but now I think might be the time to move up in the world as this guys is like 5 years old.

Laptop or Tablet?

ETA: chatted with Co and decided on an external hard drive as it's less than half the price
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Well,m after all the work done last week, Word 2010 decided it wouldn't open documents unless I opened it first. I emailed Microsoft because they didn't find this after so many hours. I ten emailed back saying ever mind, I'd work around it. So I was working on the transcript for DW 6x2 this morning when the call comes from Microsoft. That killed about 90 minutes of my day but the problem is corrected so no extra steps involved. However, as I have to go for my class in a couple hours, I don't think I'll get much more done today. I did, however, finish writing the next section of my Psych/DW crossover so I'll be typing that up and possibly posting before class.

I also will try to put up the iTunes post soon. It's been awhile. :)
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I so hate this damn machine right now!! It's effing slow and the thing doesn't want me to have Office 2010!!

I bought and downloaded yesterday and it gave me error messages. I didn't want to deal with it last night so I tried again this morning. Nothing. I called Microsoft and they worked on it for 2 hours and said it should work. I tried and it didn't, though I did get one less error message. I called back again, talked for an hour and we're now seeing if it installs. The guy left a chat window up. ALl this because of Excel.

They removed my previous Office (well Word 2007) so I have no idea what will happen to my stories and transcripts if this doesn't work.

OK, the error message came back! Argh!!!

ETA: 6:00 and they still can't get the damn thing to work!! They say they'll research it and call tomorrow. I'm getting ready to ask for my money back. This will most definitely delay the transcript. I really don't want to start over but I might pick up from somewhere near where I left off and continue in Works. If anyone here is tech savvy and wants to assist, please do!
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Well... I was able to copy my bookmarks, downloads, music and videos from my old profile to my new so that's a good thing. The one problem that still nags is that I have lost all the documents I had! Some are on disc already and some I can just re-type from my notebook but there are a few that I think were strictly composed on the pc. If I did happen to send you a fic for any purpose, do you think you could send a copy my way? That would be brilliant!


Sep. 14th, 2008 09:27 pm
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Just suffered a bit of a virus scare. Of course my software kept saying to correct this problem... But unfortunately part of the problem was the inability to connect to the net. Thankfully I used the system restore from a few days ago and all seems to be well. I'm updating Norton as I type so to prevent another instance of this.

Everyone Keep Alert!


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