Jan. 23rd, 2016 09:51 pm
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Sitting here in NW Connecticut it's weird seeing people south of us with more snow. Isn't it always supposed to be the north got more snow? We maybe got 2 inches and my brother in Maryland got around 2 feet.

If you are in the hard hit areas, I hope all is well.
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I don't know how many of you read my Supernatural fic "In Spite of All the Danger" (, but I set it in an area where I now live. Tomorrow I am going to a restaurant for lunch I had the boys go to and I plan to have the same meal I gave Dean.

extravagant, succulent and juicy, a really most excellent burger. Utilizing 1/2lb of our exclusive blend of black angus sirloin, brisket, and short rib, with apple wood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, romaine leaf, tomato, and our special seasoned sage derby blue cheese sauce on a toasted buttered brioche.

an English dessert, favored by the Royals, a banana, toffee, cream pie kind of thing, that is delicious

Hello, All

Sep. 19th, 2015 01:01 pm
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I realize I haven't been here for some time, so let me give an update. We've been in the new place for about 3 weeks now. It's upstate Connecticut in the same town where one sister has lived for over 30 years. It is so laid back and easy. I'll try to get pictures of the town soon. Those of you who watched Gilmore Girls, this was the main inspiration for Stars Hollow.

photos this way )


Aug. 21st, 2015 11:33 pm
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Sorry I haven't been on much in any journal. My laptop went on strike over a month ago so I haven't been able to type up and post fics, transcripts or character facts. Add to that I am moving at the end of the month and you'll understand.

Thing is I'm moving to the town where I set a chunk of my Supernatural fic "In Spite of All the Danger"!

Thanks for being patient and I hope to get typing once settled in
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I has been so gorgeous today in the high 70s. All the windows are open and I'm in shorts. On the drive over to my sisters we saw forsythia, daffodils and dogwoods. Beautiful, beautiful day.
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OK, follow up on the flooded master bedroom.

They came and dried the carpet and cleaned it as well as wiped down all the furniture. In the past few days we've noticed wet spots along the baseboard as well as some mildew. A maintenance guy stopped by today to assess how much drywall he'd need to fix it. The plan is to remove the damaged drywall and wet insulation, let the area inside dry and then install new insulation and hang drywall. The guy said he used to hang drywall for 20 years so he can have it done quickly.

The good thing is we don't have to move Dad for all the dust and what-not because of health issues. Dean (yeah, not gonna forget that name) is aware of Dad's problems and will be as quick as he can. At least we have a pull-out couch!

ETA: Dean is starting now. We've moved all the Furniture except for the bed frame and bureau. I'll keep you updated
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Yesterday was a day hours in the planning! My one nephew (T) is something of a floater when it comes to residence. He's back in Brooklyn for a few weeks and wanted to meet up and hit the museum. We included another nephew (An) and a niece (Al) who also live in Brooklyn.

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Apr. 11th, 2014 04:39 pm
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I finished painting my bedroom the other day and slept in my own bed last night, the first time in a week! Tomorrow my sister and her family arrive on their annual trip.

My writing has slowed until I figure out the villain's plan. I will get back to the Psych transcript's soon too.

Really not much going on but I saw I hadn't posted in a couple weeks.


Mar. 27th, 2014 09:26 pm
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I can't believe I haven't done any writing on my fic in 2 days! Last night's finale also planted a couple ideas in my head for further stories to tie in with my series. I might have to poll the audience on which direction to go. Next week on my days off I'll be painting my room. Moving the furniture is gonna be so much fun.

Pneu Post

Feb. 23rd, 2014 12:40 pm
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Woke up Thursday morning at 4:30 out of a deep sleep when it hurt to breathe. I put it down to sinuses, took meds and went to work. As the day progressed, I felt worse, but I stuck it out. I Came home and went straight to my bed, humidifier going to ease breathing. Woke up Friday around the same time and tried to go back to sleep. Around 7:00 I knew it was really not good and headed to the ER. They did an EKG, took chest X-rays and took lots of blood. So, four hours later I'm home with a diagnosis of pneumonia and a prescription for antibiotics. ALso, no work until Thursday, like a week's vacation.

So I might get some stuff done around my room in spurts so as not to tire myself.
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I've been watching "White Collar" with my parents. Mom's seen bits and pieces but never from the beginning. However, our stupid DVD player in the living room decides to periodically freeze. Most of the time, I can just stop it, count five, hit play and it works. Sometimes I have to skip ahead to the next chapter then rewind. Other times I have to turn it off and start over again. Just now, about 15 minutes or so into the season one finale, it does its thing and I go through all of the above and nothing works. It then gets to the point where it won't turn off unless I hold down the power button. Right now it's taking a little rest and maybe we can get it to work so Mom can find out if Neal gets back with Kate.

It really is time for a new one but if anyone knows of some tricks to prolong life here, I'll appreciate it. I've used a lens cleaner and even compressed air.
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I went out yesterday and met up with a friend for lunch. We hadn't seen each other in close to a year at least. So after we got the less interesting topics out of the way, we moved on to music, movies and TV. Now, in the course of time we hadn't seen each other, she had gotten into DW. She has a "My other car is a TARDIS" bumper sticker.

She had always groaned and rolled her eyes when we went to movies because I always pointed out who had been in the show. She told me as we strolled around to work off the initial "stuffed" feeling that she wanted a copy of David Tennant's Hamlet. Not to deny her this goodness, we went to Barnes and Noble but they didn't have a copy on hand. (I actually walked out of there without buying anything!) So we decided to go across the street to the FYE in the mall. They didn't have it on hand either.

What they did have were some DW t-shirts that just happened to be BOGO. I picked up one that says "Regenerate and Carry On" and the VanGogh TARDIS. I couldn't help myself! If you have an FYE near you, they might have the special going on as well.

Day 3

Jul. 19th, 2012 04:15 pm
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OK today was my last day of training and I was basically running the register myself and even answered the phone! There were a couple of things I needed help with as we hadn't done many on the previous days. I'm off tomorrow and at my store Saturday.
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Hey guys!

I started my training today and it wasn't that bad and seemed to go by pretty fast. It's cashiering, something I have years of experience in, so I just have to learn their system. It's not the store I'll be in, but this is the woman to train with. Another plus for her, she lived in my old neck of the woods in New Jersey!

I have two more days of training and will be at my regular store Saturday.

(This will definitely slow the transcribing, but I will not stop so just be patient)
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We got the call a little bit ago. My niece just had her first. A healthy baby boy at 7.5 lb, 21" born at 5:55. Wow, I'm a great aunt!

Sorry I haven't been posting but I've been easily distracted recently.

Hope everyone out there is well and I'm sorry I haven't responded to any of your posts as well.
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I heard this on the local news last night and, my God, it made me shudder in disgust and disbelief.
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It started off ok. I got up and went to the hairdresser at 9:30. Things ran a little longer than normal so I didn't have time to stop at Staples before my electrolysis at 11:00. OK, got out of there around 12:15 and ran up to Barnes and Noble and picked up the newest (in US anyway) DWM. Driving back home, I stopped at Staples and then at Walgreens. Then, my car wouldn't start. It wasn't the battery because everything else worked so I called my dad and he comes up and fiddles with the engine but can't find the problem. SO I call AAA and they said they'll have a tow-truck within the hour. About 40 minutes later, a little van shows up and the guys fiddles with the car and it starts right up. Apparently, there is a security feature in the car so it won't start if it thinks it's being stolen. Nice to know, eh? So I finally made it back home around 3:30. Nice to know I didn't have to dole out big bucks!

So on the writing front, I didn't get much done today as I planned to. I'll see how much I can get done tonight.

Last Week's Answers
The quote was from Ben-Hur

1. Love Is the Drug -- Roxy Music
2. Voices Carry -- Til Tuesday
3. What a Wonderful World -- Hermans Hermits
4. Haven't Got Time for the Pain -- Carly Simon
5. All My Loving -- The Beatles

This Week
I didn't get around to a quote this week. I hope you don't mind.

1. I got it bad you don't know how bad I got it.
2. Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
3. Things have come to a pretty pass, Our romance is growing flat,
4. ...You want me to act like weve never kissed You want me to forget, pretend weve never met
5. Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
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