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This will be the first of 2 posts today.

My two friends and I went to our second game yesterday and the weather was gorgeous. It was a little bit more cloudy and a bit more humid but there was a nice breeze. The Mets were playing the Marlins who train down in Jupiter (just about 40 minutes down I95) and that always means a full crowd. We were in a different spot this game: upper reserve just behind home plate which you'll see in the photos. The lineup seemed to be Opening Day form with the big guns: Delgado, Beltran, Wright, Reyes along with CHurch and Murphy. The one who had a fabuloius day was Jonathan Malo, who played in AA last year and wasn't even in the Met's program. Oh yeah, and we got to see K-Rod pitch an inning.

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Well, went to my first of three spring training games yesterday. The team itself was mainly second-stringers or minor league wannabes because of the World baseball Classic. They were the "Metless Mets" according to [ profile] coquillagement. I went with [ profile] donna88keys and M (to protect the innocent) as we have been doing for a number of years now. It's about a 45 minute drive (more or less depending on traffic). Co was very excited when she first heard we were moving to Florida. SHe actually pulled out a map to see how close Port St Lucie was to where my parents and I would be living.

Anyway, we got there early enough to browse the stores and get some food. The day was gorgeous, sunny, near 80 but with a saving breeze.

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Lazy Day

Jan. 22nd, 2008 01:39 pm
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Yeah, really not doing much of anything today. I did do laundry and actually put it away so that's something. Salad and iced tea (Earl Grey) for lunch and watching the Travel Channel. Did some typing on a new story and I plan to do some more work on another in the hopes of giving it a decent ending.

I did buy my spring training tickets Saturday!! Going to see the Mets play the Cardinals, the Orioles (night game) and the Braves (which we try to do every year). My two friends and I split the drive and the parking so it all works out.

I was originally planning to run out and get Torchwood Series One on DVD today but I just don't want to move. Maybe tomorrow. If not, definitely Thursday after work as I'll be halfway to Borders anyway. I'll also try to pick up the Torchwood magazine as well as DWM (which is always a month behind).

So last week's quote was from The SImpsons.

This week from British TV (quel surprise)
This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.

1. I've had bad dreams too many times To think that they don't mean much anymore
2. It's not that you're fairer Than a lot of girls just as pleasin' That I doff my hat
As a worshipper at your shrine
3. Only came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain I heard you making patterns rhyme
4. I can't stand it for another day When you live so many miles away
5. What will this day be like? I wonder What will my future be? I wonder
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Yeah, that's me. Easily distracted by other things and I keep forgetting to post here. I've been catching up on a few shows and I finally got around to seeing Blackpool which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Well, getting to hear David Tennant act with his true voice didn't hurt either. :)

As for other news...

1)Prison Break started up again Monday
2)Torchwood series 2 starts today
3)Spring Training tickets go on sale Saturday
4)Torchwood series 1 DVDs released Stateside next Tuesday
5)My next story in the Doctor Who/TOC Files series (5) has come back from my beta which is a good thing cos I've already started writing the sixth one
6)The beta for my next-to-bt-posted TOC Files story had to back out for medical reasons so there will be a slight delay on that front which means that the next story (which only needs a finish) will sit about a bit
7)Oh, and I've gotten back to working on a cross-stitch I started last spring. Just all the final detailing. When I'm done with that, I might try the David Tennant one I found.

I'm still trying to get my iTunes back in shape after purchasing the new PC. I'm only at about 530 songs when it had been over 1300. But I'll do a quote to keep your minds sharp.

What's the point of going out? We're just going to wind up back here anyway

(TV show)

ETA: I forgot to tell you what the songs were from before Christmas!
1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--Judy Garland
2. Gimme Some Lovin' -- Spencer Davis group
3. What Is This Thing Called Love--John Barrowman
4. It's Now or Never--Elvis
5. Refugee--Tome Petty


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