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Whoo-hoo! Done with a week to spare! Thanks to everyone for being so patient. If I've missed anything, please let me know!

Well, this has all the makings of your lucky day. )
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A rush job so I hope everything is formatted. Thanks to for the subtitles.

I've added the chess bit and corrected "heal thyself". If I hadn't been in a hurry to post, I would've checked against the BBC subtitles. :)

4 minutes? That's ages. What if I get bored or need a television, couple of books. Anyone for chess? Bring me knitting. )
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Here it is, the last Tennant. I didn't break down and grab the tissues until the end of the wedding scene with Wilf. Not bad, if I do say so myself. As I said, I plan to get Christmas Carol done before next Saturday, but, as I'll have company, I can't make promises.

I don't want to go. )
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OK, the formatting on this drove me a little crazy so I hope I caught everything. Also, if you think I got a line wrong, let me know!

I don't know, sounds like me. The maintenance man of the universe. )
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As promised and only a day later than planned. Please let me know of any formatting errors as I was going a little cross-eyed posting this. OK, LJ says it's too large so broken into two posts. Sorry!

A captain can leave his ship if there's a bus standing by. )
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Sorry for the delay. I was sidetracked by other projects. I hope to get a start on the next after the New Year.

Did you have your legs on silent? )


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