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I just thought I'd post some of my winter photography from my vacation in CT.

Cousins skaking and playing hockey on a pond, an annual event.
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Quick Post

Dec. 30th, 2010 12:06 pm
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I hope everyone had a great holiday! For those of you in the northeast, I hope you survived the storm without too much damage. As I haven't seen snow in a long time, I was giddy, watching it fall. It seems up here in the wilds of CT, it wasn't as bad as down along the shore, NYC or even NJ. I think we measured 9-10 inches.

Yesterday my brother made the trip up to see me and my nephew who is home from the Navy till Sunday. We had a lovely lunch of corn chowder, salad, and ham and scallion quiche. Today another sister is making the trek up with her three boys and should get here in about 30 minutes.

I'll be heading back home tomorrow afternoon and should be ensconced in my own room by 8pm with no plans to venture out to any parties. I should be able to get a chance Saturday to fully go through the backlog of posts on the flist and respond accordingly. I should also have a few pictures to post of this winter wonderland. :)

As a side note, I've gotten one of my nieces to watch Psych. She had heard of it but never had a chance to watch. As for further seasons, I think they're available on Netflix and I know they're on iTunes. Anyone know where else she can find 2-5?
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Yep, it's 48 outside and they're predicting a low of 30 for our area. Of course, those of you in the northern climes are rolling your eyes and making little "pffft" noises. I understand this is nothing to you and next week I'll be there with you. I got my suitcase down from the attic and picked up a few necessities today so I can start picking away at packing. Tomorrow will be a cold day so I'll be warming things up by baking spice cake for the neighbors. (And Co, I'll be making some when I come north)

Last Week

The quote was from I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Longfellow

1. Heart of Glass -- Blondie
2. Respect -- Aretha Franklin
3. Just Like Heaven -- The Cure

5. Can't Buy Me Love -- The Beatles

This Week

1. ...Now that war is declared-and battle come down
2. When I die and they lay me to rest Gonna go to the place that's the best
3. ...I'm the burning bush, I'm the burning fire I'm the bleeding volcano
4. Father, hear thy children's call Humbly at thy feet we fall
5. Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too


Jul. 23rd, 2010 06:13 pm
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Right now, [ profile] coquillagement's daughter is loading my camera with pics of Mal and Ten and will not let me see. We had originally planned to actually do a photo story but then she got a little crazy. Oh and there is a size difference we weren't aware of as this is their first time together. I guess I'll be posting some when I get home.
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Well, today was my day to go visit [ profile] coquillagement's friends at the barn. We pull into the premises to see a schoolbus and Co's first thought was that there were going to be riders, something she wasn't told about. We then learn it's a day camp there for a tour. So, Co is given charge of Pumba, a quarter-horse, to show the kids how to groom and give little tidbits of information to. Pumba loved the grooming aspect but when it came time to letting the girls lead him, he balked after a few turns and Luke had to tempt him with apples.

I then got an introduction to all the horses, including Drama, the young one who caused second-degree burns on Co's hand. She wanted m to take a photo of Felix, her baby, to show everyone on LJ his progression. The woman who runs the barn then asked if we could take photos of more of the horses for the website. Co led them outside and had a few tries to get them to keep their heads up and not graze. I think I did pretty well considering.

I will add that Sunday was spent at a feis for Bookworm and we put on the sunblock a little late so I look like a neon lobster on the neck and shoulders. Not a pretty sight, I tell you. We've got the aloe and moisturizer so it should be better byt the time I have to lug my backpack around the airport Sunday.
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Well, I arrived in NJ safely and was immediately whisked away by Co to pick up Shrek and take him to a hockey clinic. Back home there was pizza and ice cream. Today is a little on the hot side. I did some more reading of Wizard's First Rule as I'm rereading the series in the hopes of finishing it this time. I don't know if it was the heat, the reading, or just plain tiredness that gave me a headache so I took a little nap after popping some Advil. Tonight is some outdoor Shakespeare (Julius Caesar) and tomorrow is an outdoor feis about 2 hours away. Co says we need to leave by 8:00. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.
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Just a quick post before I do a final check tonight of my packing for my flight to New Jersey tomorrow. The last few things are in the dryer. The iPod and the cell are charged and packed. If there's anything missing, I'm sure I can either borrow from [ profile] coquillagement or buy up there. I also have a few books packed, I'll be bringing my stitching and I might even get her into another show.

I'll post the answers from last week by no new songs until I get back so you'll all just have to be patient.

Last Week's Answers

1. Carry On, My Wayward Son -- Kansas
2. How DO You Solve a Problem Like Maria -- from "The Sound of Music"
3. I Want You --Savage Garden
4. Great Balls of Fire -- Jerry Lee Lewis

3 Weeks

Jun. 25th, 2010 07:57 pm
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3 weeks until vacation and I hear the Activities Director has quite a few things planned. Keep my mind set on that and I might make it through. I did some shopping Tuesday to replace some ratty favorites that just had to go, mainly tank tops and shorts. I'll eventually have to start going through my wardrobe to see what I need to pack for New Jersey in July.

I just finished my transcript for 5x4 The Time of Angels and I just need to format it for posting.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm nearing the end of my Psych fic and I'm pretty pleased with it. I've already begun to go through my collection of unfinished works to see which one to attack next.

Last Week's Answers

I'm kinda upset that no one responded to the songs last week.

1. Rock Me Gently -- Andy Kim
2. Baby Hold On to Me -- Eddie Money

4. Hot Blooded -- Foreigner
5. Proud Mary -- CCR

This Week

1. Some love is just a lie of the heart The cold remains of what began with a passionate start
2. ...All that summer we enjoyed it Wind and rain and shine
3. Breakin' rocks in the hot sun
4. ...Nothin' is real She'll never know just how I feel
5. Home in the valley Home in the city Home isn't pretty Ain't no home for me
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To make up for my delayed entry, I'm posting today which means I can post again Sunday to be back on schedule. Vacation has been going along nicely and yesterday I got to clean out my desk (which needed it desperately, believe me). Today will be for the bathroom. I've been getting some writing done and some stitching though not as much as I would have liked in either category.

Last Week's Answers

The Quote was from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

1. Where the Streets Have no Name -- U2
2. Come Together -- the Beatles
3. As Time Goes By -- Dooley Wilson (from Casablanca)

5. Livin' La Vida Loca -- Ricky Martin

This Week

"Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules."

1. My life is brilliant. My love is pure
2. One, two , three four, five everybody in the car so come on let's ride
3. One man on a lonely platform One case sitting by his side
4. If you need somebody, call my name
5. There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear
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And I'm sorry but I have been so tired when I get home from work that I don't want to do much of anything. However, that shouldn't be a problem as I am now on vacation! I had originally planned to go north but due to unforseen circumstances, I'm not. I'll be staying home and will get a chance to get some writing done and some stitching. I also plan to pick one projhect a day to do. Also Mom and I might plan a day out somewhere, maybe down to Palm Beach Gardens for shopping and lunch. Then of course my friends and I might go on another infamous road trip somewhere.

Last Week's Answers

The quote was from Watership Down

1. Five O'Clock World -- The Vogues (used at one point in The Drew Carey Show)
2. Where Did Our Love Go -- The Supremes
3. Without Your Love -- Roger Daltrey
4. This Old heart of Mine -- Isley Brothers
5. Don't Stand So Close to Me -- The Police

This Week

"I understand. Natural to want a bit more once you've had that first taste...but see here, young man, you can't start flying cars to try and get yourself noticed."

1. I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls That hold me inside
2. Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
3. You must remember this
4. So in love, sad as can be, 'Cause a pretty face got the better of me
5. She's into superstitions black cats and voodoo dolls.
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I won't bore you with all the ones here as you won't really know anyone so just afew to set the mood. It was helkd at my brother's house.

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Whenever both of us are in town (as he lives in Texas now) my nephew and I go into DC and each time I get to place a check next to the sites in the guidebook.

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It's been pretty relxing the last few days which is a good thing because yesterday I was out for almost 12 hours. My nephew and I went into Washington DC and walked everywhere. We did the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, stopped by the White House, Arlington Cemetary (much walking), the USMC WWII Memorial (aka the Iwo Jima Statue), Ford's Theatre (closed again. I swear, they must not want me in there), ate at the Hard Rock, and finished at the National Archives. I will post pics and a more detailed post on the visit when I get home. Tomorrow, everyone begins to arrive for the rehersal dinner and the wedding Friday night. Happily, I will be home in time to catch Torchwood :)
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Well, I got all my errands done yesterday including the mani-pedi. Now most of the stuff I have left to do is around the house like making sure the plants are watered enough and that the firdge and freezer are emptied of stuff that can go bad just in case. Most of my clothes are packed and I just have to try and fit my stitching in the suitcase. My carryon will consist of my reading materials, notebook, prescriptions, ipods (yes, bringing both as ol' Serenity is now basically used for audiobooks), camera...

Now, the big worry is trying to close the hurricane shutters without ruining the manicure. : )

And of course I have to fit it all around work.

ETA: I came home from work and decided to get the shutters done. I did the two larger doors and then when I went to the last window, i saw a wasp nest. I called my neighbor and he took a hose to it. When he cleared the nest away, he closed it for me and then offered to put up the brackets in the garage. My manicure is secure.
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I'll be leaving Sat for Maryland so I am getting this post in before I get involved with all the chores I will hopefully get done today (laundry, clean the bathroom, kitchen, vacuum the pool).

The interesting and perhaps most time-consuming thing today will bet getting my suitcase. "How can that be?" you ask. Last week I was putting the garbage out and couldn't get the garage door to close. I called a neighbor and he helped me close it manually. I was like "Not a problem, I don't need it open again." I forgot that my suitcase is in the attic above the garage and I need to back my car out in order to pull down the stairs. I'll be calling my neighbor again and hopefully the two of us can open it. If it's something simple to fix, I'll say "go ahead" but if it's something more involved, it can wait till my folks get home.

Once I get the suitcase, then I can actually begin packing and thinning out the clothes I put in the spare room. I strongly doubt I'll need all I've chosen. Tomorrow will be a day for errands. I have a dentist appointment and a haircut scheduled plus I'd like to try and squeeze in a mani-pedi.

Last Week's Answers

The quote was from The Good Earth

1. Get Ready -- the Temptations
2. Everything Must Change -- Paul Young
3. This Must Be Love -- Phil Collins
4. All That Jazz -- from Chicago
5. A Sort of Homecoming -- U2

This Week

"Now is the winter of our discontent"

1. What'll you do when you get lonely And nobody's waiting by your side?
2. Hey, well I'm the friendly stranger In the black sedan Oh won't you hop inside my car?
3. With the heartbreak open So much you cant hide
4. you won't admit you love me and so how am i ever to know
5. I was alone, I took a ride, I didn't know what I would find there

Just to let you know, I might post from my brothers but I won't be doing a quiz until I get home (7/5)

ETA: Yay! I have a suitcase! My neighbor said he should have the parts to fix it so he'll come back later.

Slow Day

Jun. 9th, 2009 11:08 am
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Well, M&D leave next week for their trip up north so the next few days will be final errands and packing. After they go, I'll be on my own for just over a week so I'll soon start my packing and arranging of stuff. I've already gotten a backup memory disc and battery for the camera just in case. I also plan to get some books from the library and time it so they'll be due the day after I get back. I know I won't need much for just over a week, but I always have a tendency to pack more than I need "just in case".

Last Week's Answers

The quote was from Dracula

1. For No One -- the Beatles
2. Hungry Heart -- Springsteen
3. Why Don't We Live Together -- Pet Shop Boys
4. The Impossible Dream -- from The Man of La Mancha
5. White Flag -- Dido

This Week

"A hundred times I wanted to kill myself, but I always loved life more." HINT: French novel from the age of Enlightenment

1. I haven't slept at all in days It's been so long since we've talked
2. Baby we can talk all night But that aint getting us nowhere
3. Stay, I'm burning slow With me in the rain, walking in the soft rain
4. If it seems a little time is needed Decisions to be made
5. Dont let them fool ya, Or even try to school ya! oh, no!

A Day Late

Oct. 23rd, 2008 07:56 pm
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Yep, here I am, a little late. Things are picking up as work as they've hired new people and I've done some training. We'll have to wait and see if they last. Tomorrow is my last day before my vacation (yay!) and I look forward to it even though I'm not going anywhere. I hope to set time aside to get some writing done. As you've seen, I've been posting my recent Ten-Martha fic in the hopes of getting some feedback. I think I've got a pretty good handle on that one at the moment.

Last Week's Answers

1. I'll Cry Instead -- The Beatles
2. The Unforgettable Fire -- U2
3. While You See a Chance -- Steve Winwood
4. Nowhere to Run -- Martha and the Vandellas
5. Come Back and Stay -- Paul Young

This Week

1. She can kill with a smile She can wound with her eyes
2. ...The night-time shadows disappear And with them go all your tears
3. I can’t stand to fly I’m not that naive
4. Well, you're dirty and sweet Clad in black, don't look back, and I love you
5. ...My arms are missing you, my lips feel the same way too I tried so hard to be true, like I promised I'd do
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Hello all! I'm back from vacation and I had a marvelous, wonderful time.

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Nov. 21st, 2007 10:20 am
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Well, I'm in South Carolina. The house here is huge! I used a whole roll of film on it alone. We arrived Monday and basicaaly just kinda hung out. Yesterday we went to visit one of the many plantations before going into Charleston proper to meet up with my niece and have lunch. I'm not sure what's on the agenda today or even later in the week, but I'd love to see if we can make a trip to Ft Sumter.

I hope everyone has a great holiday tomorrow!
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Yep, got home Sunday afternoon and really didn't do much of anything. Did some unpacking only because I needed stuff but laundry waited till Monday.

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