Mar. 12th, 2016 12:04 pm
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I've just finished updating over at [livejournal.com profile] psych_ch_facts up through season seven including the musical. When that is complete I plan to start back up with my Dr Who transcripts.

I will admit my writing has fallen off but I will try to work on both stories I have going now but I won't make any promises.

I am also working on a cross-stitch for the latest addition to the family, a great-niece who was born in January.

Spring has arrived as we have crocuses and snowdrops in the front yard. This is our first spring at this house so it's fun waiting for them to bloom.

Hello, All!

Oct. 3rd, 2015 02:09 pm
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Picked up a new laptop the other day. It's smaller than my previous one and I need to get used to the new keyboard which makes typing a little slower. I hope to continue with my Psych character facts as well as writing and transcripts.

It's only been 2 new eps of Doctor Who so I can't really say how I feel regarding them. Yes, I'm excited it's back, but they really haven't grabbed me.

I've seen the first two episodes of Heroes Reborn and I remember enough of the original series to get some of the references.

The CW shows begin next week which are the ones I'm really looking forward to.

It's currently 48 degrees outside (8.888 in celcius) and damp. We didn't get the heavy rains but it's still nasty. I remember coming up here to visit my sister one year and got snow flurries at the end of October.

And, as you can see by the icon, I am very happy with my New York Mets who have made the post=season for the first time in 9 years. Obviously I want them to take the World Series but I'll take each round as it comes


Aug. 21st, 2015 11:33 pm
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Sorry I haven't been on much in any journal. My laptop went on strike over a month ago so I haven't been able to type up and post fics, transcripts or character facts. Add to that I am moving at the end of the month and you'll understand.

Thing is I'm moving to the town where I set a chunk of my Supernatural fic "In Spite of All the Danger"! http://archiveofourown.org/works/160229/chapters/230900

Thanks for being patient and I hope to get typing once settled in
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I know I haven't posted here in some time and I apologize. We're doing the spring cleaning thing and enjoying opening windows once again. I've gotten myself into another project in updating my Psych community [livejournal.com profile] psych_ch_facts. I've filled in missing episodes and finished season 7 and halfway through season 8. What I decided to do partway through is add allusions and continuity so I'll eventually go back and add these to already completed posts.

In addition, I still have an unfinished Psych/White Collar crossover. I kinda sorta know where I'm going so I won't post until I have a better idea so you won't be left hanging. There's also a Merlin fic that's been sitting around.

So, please stop by to check out the community and drop me a note on what you think!
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I started it a few weeks back but keep drifting back to it.

It's another White Collar crossover tying into the series finale. I mean, I had to regarding how it ended, right? If anyone cares to read the little bit I have done, let me know
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I'm thinking of posting a number of unfinished and lingering fics on my story journal just to get them out there. I doubt I'll finish any as some have been sitting there for 8 years! I've either faded out of the fandom or I just never could get past writer's block on them. I'm not sure when I'll do it, but I'll aim for next week as I have mostly half-days at work.

If anyone cares to read them and give me nudges and ideas to finish, that would be great, but not necessary.

Fic Meme

May. 17th, 2014 09:03 pm
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swiped from [livejournal.com profile] prplhez8

List your Top Ten AO3 fics in order of hits

Read This Way )
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Over on my fic journal I have a poll in order to help direct my ideas for a post-series fic. Please take a look and give me a hand.


Thank you!


Mar. 27th, 2014 09:26 pm
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I can't believe I haven't done any writing on my fic in 2 days! Last night's finale also planted a couple ideas in my head for further stories to tie in with my series. I might have to poll the audience on which direction to go. Next week on my days off I'll be painting my room. Moving the furniture is gonna be so much fun.


Feb. 18th, 2014 07:17 pm
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I did it! My Merlin fic is finally done!! Now I can get back to my Psych/White Collar crossover.


Jan. 17th, 2014 09:53 pm
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I can't believe I haven't posted in nearly a month! The holidays were quiet. Two sisters came for a visit last week and we had a great time, even taking in a shopping excursion my one day off while they were here.

Because of the above, I really have neglected working on my transcript for "Time of the Doctor" for which I apologize. As with anything, some days you can get so involved with your project, you don't realize and other days, it's a struggle. I try to get at least a scene done. Sometimes, I might set a time to get through. I haven't forgotten, I swear.

In other neglected projects is my Merlin fic. I kinda/sorta have it plotted out for the remainder but it's just making myself get the words down. That's why I haven't been posting that fic. Maybe I *need* to re-watch.

What has been taking my time is my Psych/White Collar crossover. I'm trying to work it like they do on TV: the first part is basically Shawn & Gus in New York (which is mostly complete except for some tweaks) and the second part will move things out to sunny SB (which I've already started).

I should try to get back to the iTunes meme, bu I can't promise at the moment.
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Yeah, I've started writing that Psych/White Collar fic, pushing Merlin to the back - again! With just the intro (double prologue and reunion scene) I'm sitting at 2300 words. My three betas are wonderful, restraining by wandering mind and words, telling me to expand stuff I gloss over and trim what I concentrate on. I've no idea of a title and really no idea for the crime, but I'm working on it.

With the fall TV season back, it gives me more time to work on that cross-stitch that should have been done in July. Ah, well.
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I was really going along great on that Merlin fic that's been sitting around for close to 2 years. I even plotted up the villain's comeuppance. Then I get a stupid crossover idea in my head. Shawn Spencer meets Neal Caffrey when they're both 18. He'll meet Peter later and then there will be a reunion as the White Collar crew meet the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Why? Why? Why?
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If you're reading a fic that seems littered with spelling and grammar errors, would you give up reading or would you offer proofing assistance?

I'm reading a fic over on FFN and the plot is interesting so I'm continuing. The author's bio says nothing about English as a second language so I made no mention of that in the PM I sent her offering my help. Do you think this was a step too far? Her author's notes seem to welcome constructive criticism.

I was just wondering where the rest of you stood in this matter.
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A post that isn't a transcript!

Though, it is a bout one. :) I've just started "Hide" after spending a bigger chunk of the day helping my mom balance the checkbook. I hope to have it posted before Saturday.

Ran a few errands Thursday and picked up the new Michael Buble CD. Haven't listened fully yet, but I like what I've heard.

My writing is taking second place to the transcripts. I have my SPN fic out at the beta's and hope to hear back soon. As they're doing me a favor, I really don't want to keep emailing even though it's been some time. I was working on my Merlin fic and building up to the showdown when, during a re-read, I realized I never addressed a point that was the main point of it. So that's getting an overhaul, be it ever so slowly. If there's anyone around who wants to read it, drop a line.

And I've made the mistake of digging out my copies of Alias Smith and Jones which are now giving me ideas for the western Psych fic I plan to write. With those ideas floating about, Merlin might get delayed again.
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I just got one for Christmas and I'm still learning the ropes. One thing I'd like to do is use it for writing. I know about iCloud but everything I've written is with Word. My question is, what do you use for word processing and is it compatible with MS Word? I've been looking at Pages and it seems to fit the bill, but I just want to hear from users.

Thanks in advance!
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I was just going through my flist and one of my fics got a shout-out on [livejournal.com profile] spnstoryfinders. [livejournal.com profile] dastiel wants stories like "Not Howling to the Nuthouse"! Ooohh, I'm so happy!!
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I have been sidetracked by fic this week - writing and reading - and that is my excuse for no transcript yet. I am doing it, I swear.

Speaking of fic, my Psych/Doctor Who crossover (12,326 words) (which still needs a title if anyone wants to volunteer) has reached 3000 reads!!! over on Psychfic.com. I've started posting on my fic journal and cross-posting to the fandom sites as well. I'll wait until I have a title before going to FFN.

My first Merlin fic is coming along as well (13,000 words) and I've asked the lovely [livejournal.com profile] prplhez8 to look it over for me.

There's also a Supernatural fic (6648 words) to finish. I also have a Doctor Who that needs to be checked over by outside eyes. Oh, and an original fic from ages back for which I subcontracted out a fight scene and they never came through (yes, you cower) so that has an opening if you're good with fight scenes

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Jan. 29th, 2012 09:48 am
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What a match!!!! I had set the timer to record 3:30-8:30. It just finished. 6 hours of tennis, the longest Grand Slam final match ever.

OK, other things. I apologize for no real postings. I am on the Dukan Diet (like [livejournal.com profile] coquillagement and I've lost between 10-15 pounds (switched scales after a week so I can't give an exact) and I fit into size 16 pants the other day for the first time in years! I still get the chocolate cravings, especially when seeing commercials on tv for Hershey's or Reese's.

I've alos fallen off the transcript wagon. I promise to get back on soon. I've been working on fics instead. My Doctor Who/Psych crossover still needs a title. I've been posting it over on Psychfic.com (under DTS) and I've reached over 2300 reads!!

I'm also working on a Merlin fic that could use a beta if anyone wants to give it a look. The same with my latest Supernatural story.
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Things are kind of slow at work on Sundays so I usually do some reading, including Time/Life special issues. One I had today was 100 Photographs That Changed the World. Anyway, it got me thinking. When I was in 6th grade we had a creative writing class once a week and she would give us different prompts. Anyway, I was thinking that phorographs could be very inspiring and I could post one every week. If there is enough positive response to this idea, I would create a journal just for posting pictures and then in comments writers could link to their fics be they original or fanfic.

Let me know.

[livejournal.com profile] photo_prompt


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